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Removed From The Sky

We’re ready for some civilization
our pants with slug pockets full
of nails when we save the children
by shoving them away
from the birthday party
love exists without explanation
everything we do is to make 
our mothers jealous
board up the windows
smoke cigars in puddles of gas
accuse strangers of being cursed
it is hard to stone face while eating
the very thing that is killing 
our neighbors like punching
a priest performing last rites
we just roll up our sleeves and destroy
the canopy bed let pestilence rain in
from the hole in the ceiling
graceful display of slight comatose 
walking around asking permission
to bring the miniature cage of love
after this weekend every farmer relaxing
on the floor will have gouged out 
eyes and our fingers covered in bite marks
we can escape by bandaging our foreheads
and driving slowly out of the country