There’s a lot of stuff that’s called waste
circumstantially or idiomatically but actually
it isn’t:

Shit’s not waste
until it doesn’t go 
in the earth

Toxic waste’s only waste cause anything
toxic’s waste

Waste is not revocable
and not finalized
it’s infinite

People handmaking artifacts
arduously for people can be a form of waste 
not because the artifact is destroyed
but because it fades in the sunlight
while the people break or at least
don’t speak
In that situation the people are not technically
wasted but the torque of their efforts is 

Time wasted is a misnomer for whatever
one is afraid to experience instead of
kissing his sleeve

Money wasted is the confusion of extravagance
with satisfaction
I mean the conflation of tangible trade
with experience
I mean wasting money’s a great privilege
the squanderers on some level must revel in

A wasted opportunity is a fruit of shyness
or of foresight but usually of doubt
or shyness; self-doubt
And it appears later boldly,
an exercise in bogus retrospect
Basically what I’m saying is
it doesn’t exist
Basically I’m saying these stock phrases
which are always metaphors are distracting
and take away from the real meaning
of “waste” or “wasted”

The thing about an entire life wasted
is it’s difficult to talk about it
Try going out and talking about it,
it’s incredibly tough