Somebody who loves you?
A book exists here that I can shove in this word hole
I was told you were tall & I told my friends I could also be tall & this didn’t come 	true so what happened with that
Unless it will kill you then I’ll say tit [sick]
The questions, daddy, come plunging out me from the toilet vowel of our history!
I have to make sense of me so please lay down here will it lay down here?
I take my horoscope to the shape & size of your organs those I can’t see
What is it like to have a bone that sticks so far out of your body so far into the earth
Is it kind or sic to make things that have a body & related question on the internet 	
what websites do you visit
In the instance that you are the real father- how should the real woman
uh uh uh uh uh uh act
What was your first word- show me how it tumbled out you
Did you know that I had a long list of all the things I wanted in man
[No gentle part of the artist said Artaud]