Hit me baby one more time
Make no sense to anyone but our human bodies
Have no fantasies; I am your flesh hook of the future
How come I must look at your face; it feels like a punishment; there is no future
Who are you now & are you waiting to die as I expect
Where are the sounds for when you enter & I enter &
I pictured you as Alfred Molina-- why are you not Alfred Molina?
When I was little I kept your picture under my pillow because I really wanted to & I thought
 that was what I was supposed to do & then when I lost it I only felt slight off 
I won’t explain anything about your body & 
	I will be dissipated but the internet is still around
& the dreaded question: are you happy now & if not when is the last time you were
On the phone, you are not much of a talker why is this & also I may be an animal 
What movies do you like watching & what do you make of your other sons
I don’t believe you are a violent man- why not