but I’ll really be trying to eat you
I looked up the poem “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath but it had anything to do with us
How do you behave in me-- everything like the internet
When I touch you transparent, we will feel all our bags of ashes
I can smell you
I remember the spine of the blanket you gave me & the memories of money
You are now a fat man-- have you eaten all the children
If we touch, let me be the tallest creature
This is no sincerity 
I may say I have no interest in what you do & I wear a shame with these pants
Do introduce the Oedipal here
There is a chemistry I want to know about like how you are mixed in mine
Will you want to kiss me like you kissed mom when she was my age
How many children & how many legs
To ease this I write a science fiction romance of the father-daughter dance 
What is it to have a penis that made me & I will want to look at it, okay?
These are photos in which you scowl 
Every part of me is famished- especially my golden megaphone
Why do you drink until you can’t even stutter 
I can be obsessed with this body because you can rightly say I made you
What part of me would you like to have