from The Depression 

One day all I could think & say was punctuation. I was all “,,,,,,” And that freaked me out so I said “,,,,,,…,,,,,,,,;:!;:!;:!” Then my wife walked in from her shower, towel wrapped around her head, skin pink. “(—?—)()()()” I said. She stood before the mirror & pinched her sides, smooshed her neck down into her collarbones. She looked marvelous in her nudity & I said “..,..,///,” Like a woman in a cheerleader outfit who is not, in fact, a cheerleader, she smiled. Leaving the car with the valet, we entered the mansion. It smelled like gauze. She stayed in the parlor with the other ladies, comparing the whiteness of their long silk gloves. Following the scent of burning, I found the men in the billiard room. As I entered they stood, clapped my back with their wide, soft hands. One said  “[[[)))!,,,,!,!” Another said “……….” I said “~~~~~~~.” I watched them watching me, assembling what I was, what my body was.