a journal of poetry.

the tenderloin is a district everything. poetry everything. the district everything forms a community. the community of your poetry. we want to interview you. look at your face. show you off.  take you to the dentist.

the tenderloin is the district of corruption. it is fecund. poetry that eats & thieves so fast we are running. the tenderloin is cut from the body. we are interested in poetry cut from your body.

the tenderloin is closer to the butt of a cow.     we are interested in the butt of your poetry.

tenderloin is a monthly journal that features 5-10 poems by a single author. the idea is a slow digestion. this is your gallery space. we invite you to walk around & take your time. look at the art.

send up to 10 pages of poetry to [ tenderloin.mag@gmail.com ]

please attach your poetry as a .doc, .docx or .pdf.

if you have not heard back from within 4 weeks, send us an email asking the status of your poetry.

we accept simultaneous submissions as long as you let us know as soon as your piece is no longer available.

you must be willing to have your poetry displayed as sound - either you yourself reading the poetry or a guest reader. if you agree to have your work published, and have not submitted a sound file to us by the specified time, we will consider this tacit agreement to having your work read by another source. 

the author(s) of a particular work retain(s) all rights to the piece of work accepted by tenderloin. acceptance of acceptance does, however, automatically grant us the right to archive the work on our site. if your work is reprinted we only ask that you mention it was published here first.