Stranger Love

You take so long 
to love me 
and it is all your fault 
like a pearl necklace, like 
an old contact case. 

I’ve been wearing contacts 
since sixth grade 
but there are things 
you don't know about me.

Here’s something 
I know about you.
You wear wild socks. 
I’ve been staring at them 
all night. 

You are the girl on the floor 
wearing a snuggy. 
You are the biggest piece 
of dust.

The way you rape 
the environment is kind 
of off-putting. 
There is no such thing 
as purely animal. 

There are boundaries. 
There is surgery. 
There is joining legitimacy. 
There is hanging there is 

granting the incidental. 
There are ab workouts and 
the sky distilled 
into an entire species.