Fancy Sung By Reba McEntire

She said just be nice to the gentlemen Fancy,
They'll be nice to you

Fancy has a gun and I don’t mean a real gun.
A man has a gun and I do mean a penis.
Fancy wields power in the shape of a prostitute,
which is a girl shaped like a hole,
which is a place you shove dollar bills and semen.
I remember Reba as Fancy, singing at the Hollywood Bowl.
I remember meeting Reba backstage,
where she was less impressive than Fancy’s feats
and her hair loomed large over the family in our photo op.
Reba’s red gigantic hair and Fancy’s red velvet dress
were the bridge we crossed to get to the beds we laid down on,
the men looming over us,
the hope in our hearts to get out,
get uptown, make mama proud, be nice, be nice, be nice