Artist Statement

Ka-rah-oh-gay Ballet Theatre [VCD] is a collision between Thai karaoke VCDs (video compact discs) and Thai-English pocket dictionaries. What you just saw were 10 still images extracted from the larger project. I imagine each piece as a still frame extracted from a karaoke music video—in total, eight sets with four frames each. As visual pieces, the lo-fi layout mimics shapes and blocking in the karaoke music videos.
In creating this series I turned track lengths (of actual Thai karaoke VCDs) into page numbers and looked up these pages in my dictionaries. I created poems using the words on each dictionary page and cut them with images from my recurring dreams related to performing in theaters and being unrehearsed. I use my adolescent experiences as a ballerina and the unconscious crush I had on my ballet teacher as a theater in which to perform sex and gender, feminine and masculine sexual energies and domination and submission through language. The awkwardness of the public karaoke performance—you watching a video, strangers watching you watching a video—mirror the self-consciousness and self-reflexiveness of queer desire in a multitudinous trans body, which I attempt to embody in this project.
Three more of these extracts (1/8; 3:07, 2/8; 4:07 and 3/8; 3:50) exist online at PANK: Queer Two (