I keep hoping that something epic will happen

so I look diligently & lower my standards.

Eventually any action stands in for transcendence

if you phrase it right or give it motivations.

My field of vision is clouded today as it sometimes is.

I get worried that I’m just missing something

or that I’m only seeing it move away instead of

really looking at it 		when it’s close.

Recognizing & appreciating aspects of your life

is a sign of maturity but how can I pay attention

enough when so many things are happening

when I don’t even really care about keeping up

anymore & all I want is a new language.

Each word is a physical thing / I tell my students 

I tell them		collect pictures that are beautiful

but then they can’t explain why they pick what they pick.

We are living under a sun of motion that blasts us 

with so much fast light we don’t even know what we see.