Music in my brain disintegrates / just metal 

& crayon emotion		voices 

holding one long syllable to show how much they mean it

while I do so many things with my eyes that I don’t 

even understand.		I am trying to become more 

empathetic so am thinking hard about how to feel

reading a lot of books & avoiding messy people 

in order to focus my sensibility & give it all shape	.

The postman brings new boxes almost everyday 

& I make coffee in the afternoons when it is quiet		

when it should be snowing.		I get distracted & turn the page 

early to find where the endnotes are going to point me

because my conscience is already formed

which means none of this matters		reaction & action

the stimuli you present to me & my lack of definitive response.

I give over enough time to my uneasy worry 	abstract 

moral principles & the right response

which eludes me.