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I exhaust myself by trying to say everything

but a person can never get it right		or get it all out.

Once I stop looking at something it’s even harder

to keep from looking back at it.

My heart is so fragile that I need to see everything

all the time if I am to remember how to think about it

or else this head is just too crowded with noise

from everywhere so that I can’t remember my way

home anymore.	       I turn the wheel sometimes

& am suddenly on the wrong road even though

it may be a direction I know		it’s not where

I intended to go & of course that word	intention

sometimes gives me pause & makes me consider

all the implications of desire & navigation

the strongest visual impression.	The real charge

surrounds what is absent or else is gone completely 

so there’s no index

to determine right or wrong		or 

useful vs. not particularly meaningful 

like whenever I see internet pictures of your smile 

which proves it still happens.  The smile.

I am not a party to that action.

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