DeWitt Brinson: Is the robot more or less human for falling in love?

Taylor Pate: Yes.

DB: How do you tell the difference between a sound and an image, or can it really be done?

TP: Yesterday is a complicated word...

DB: What's your favorite punctuation? Erotically, describe why it's your favorite.


                                                                I’m so into my body

                                                                It’s disgusting

DB: Erotically, describe how where you were yesterday was like a robot falling into liquid magma.

TP:   Literally: 

Like a hot mess

of candy sweet

battery acid

I became

a virgin 

DB: How do you tell the difference between a sound and an image, or can it really be done?

TP: Both have their limitations & glories but I think it's mostly that sound can happen organically & images have to be captured, noticed or created to exist. 

DB: If nano technology gets smaller than an atom, could they replace existence?

TP: I mean yeah I guess. This is all probably an elaborate joke anyhow

DB: Is happiness amoral?

TP: I suppose that depends on the person, but most people are awful

DB: What makes a poet?

TP: One who writes poems

DB: What makes poetry?

TP: How should I know 

DB: Erotically describe the worst possible person to view your work?

TP: What’s with all the eroticism?  This is an excerpt from a novel I’m working on:

Tanning is work. Christ. I didn’t get this far being a shmuck you know you sunnova bitch. Nah nah I’m just fuckin with you, you’re a swell guy. Christ. Will you lighten up Tuesday for christsake. Everyday. Every fucking day you sit out here. Watch the birds. Watch the squirrels. Watch the sky. & for what! You look like a damn fool I tell you. Sitting there smoking & watching the sky. Checking the mail for bills to hide from your wife. The ones with your real name on them. Yeah that’s right you sunnova bitch, I told you I didn’t get this far being a shmuck. If you were smart you’d learn a thing or two from old Gary here & start making & saving some fucking money. Christ. Work hard. Play Hard. Work hard. Play hard. In that order. Forever & always. & tuck in your goddamn shirt boy. You wanna be taken seriously? You wanna make some fucking money & be worth a goddamn in this world boy then tuck in your fucking shirt & act like a man. & stop fucking smoking. You see this face! I tell you what this face did not get this smooth smoking fucking cigarettes. Christ. You’re a man! You’re powerful! Put the fucking cigarette out, go inside, lick your wife’s asshole until she wakes up, make her return the favor, fuck her cunt, fuck her ass, fuck her face & cum in her mouth & all over her tits. Then you’ll be on you’re way to being remembered. Then you’ll be on you’re way to making a difference in the world. Christ. Lean a thing or two from old Gary here. Old guys rule. Artists die poor. & girls give up the pussy & ass for money. Be a man. Christ.



interviewed by the tender, young, virile writer

DeWitt Brinson


taylor jacob pate mostly feels like a man wearing a bear head. his favorite color is all of them. he has a small book of poems coming out from similar peaks & lots of paintings for sale. he & his lovely wife co-edit & run smoking glue gun. currently he is an artist in the new writers project mfa at ut austin & the art director of bat city review.