ménage à trinity

two ghouls one corpse:
when godhead & ghosty
get down on that sabbath 

day shibboleth platter
bad habits go faster 
after halfbreed distempers 

in temple & baptist detaches
	his headlamp up the river’s
asshole—the rabbis always 

asked her, ave pariah, 
	how about another 
divine little rascal? 

she only eyeballs her bundle 
of crowned & uncrying 
bastard, watching redemptive

death & vengeance 
	lurking in his neural rafters
but no matter how much

prayer & fasting 
	even the blessed mother
curses her heavenly father 

in return on occasion, when 
this recurring silent nightmare 
flashes right before her 

vital fright-hole:
incestful upset of 
a bygone hymen
breaking at table
this strangest fable
in which an angel 
desecrates the world-stage 
by dressing up ejaculate 
in rainbow-colored covenants & apocalyptic terror threats