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a ritual feeding // in need of meter
meat music matters—in a word: made flesh-eating—manna flush w/ messianic—murder maggots dancing—down the rafters—magic turns madness to virtue—cesspools to perfume—when virtually every—starry-eyed cartoon—avatar attains sainthood—regardless of gardens lost—whether garnering serpentine sonic—or super-seminal ruins—oh pardon me I’m busy—sounding out—this heavy burden—for your information’s service—breaking sabbath—happens to be one—bad habit I’d be—happy to burnout on—this is the stuff—of interventions, mom—I admit—your legalistic charm—comes with some pervy—comfort-soft of certainty—still unseen any elsewhere—but the edgewise of the bed—if heaven hides so many mansions—which one could possibly know best?—no blessing falls—this far abreast—I’ve wrestled down—a  dozen angels—fairy dusting—husk to husk—but what’s the point—in shaking ladders—when there’s nothing—but a rumble—at the top?