Peace is not necessarily something that appears by way of synthesis. Sometimes passage and pressure are its initiation site. Some natural states have no homogenous origin; do have to be brought in.
After spending all morning unloading the cinderblocks block by block (from the basket on my bike) in an effort to surround day-of road kill with ramparts, I sat in the large parking structure to eat my lunch. I chose this as a form of shade, even though there were no trees around for miles. As I ate I wondered if there is a cosmically accurate way to frame dying forms. Hoped there was. Thought of the blinders that are put onto horses to embolden more ease. Hoped I, in states of affectionate proposition, was enough.
There are new emotions that still remain unvented. There are ways to uphold new emotions that remain not yet embodied. One such was coming into being on the morning that I was on xems sunny daybed, sewing little tongues and dicks onto stuffed animals. The day that I wept after I read about the hostage whose nipples had been cut off at Abu Ghraib.