I remember feeling the ascendant climb as a hammering in my legs. Then after a while of moving with the hammering, it felt like my legs had literally been beheaded. Amputated. So, post extremes in use, the organ in question becomes numb. Is that numbness an enabling elation? A pain so spread, so rhizomic, that it is actually felt as absence? This makes me think of xyr womb which makes me have swiftly successive visualizations of beached animals. Of animals eating their own young. Would you call an open grave with fragrant arums stacked up in it “she” or “he”? I mean, would that make any sense at all?
If I understand xems as neural wafting capable of exceeding the physicalities of the body, capable of infinite permutation and permeation, why would the organs of xems bodies not also be something to be considered neurally? To consider neurally is not neutral, but is natural.