From Letters to the Divergents: A Cryptozoologic for Xems

Dear Chimera (Fire-Breathing Monster Made up of Various Animals),

A motley of lioness, goat and snake. Slimy skin. Gurgling gaze that gnashes and grins. Dorsal fin crammed full of intoxicating venom. Are you, too, a primordial femme? Exposed, desperate, dangerous. I smelled xems burning wicker again today. Were attributed pronouns xems shared damage? Having come so far. Femme is me being fetishized by a lover as femme. Otherwise, I do not feel myself as femme. Only as details. A disparate, a jellied collection of disparates.

Is an overly saturated, stinking nest a failure? Last night as the rain came down, it came down with such tenacity that empty nests long suspended above fell from the black-barked trees. I watched as the nests each filled with water. The relentless rain reminded me of the permanent gas vents in Lycia (where your myth takes place). How your burning potency, your robust exhale, can still be found enflamed, shedding upward from the rocks today.


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