Several simple stories of how we got this high 
 Watching over our multiple manifestations
				 Beams made with strong new techniques
				 A man in the center of the screen puts together a  
				 These days we can stand behind a faith in regime change
				 A piece of money is put under a cup of coffee
				 Sun in the eyes or standing in shadows of buildings
				 Wearing that word means you’re a satisfied customer
				 There was an army here but now they’re curiously absent
				 Wires in the walls all reaching for the people 
				 Moving through a new reel rerouted here
				 Judging from CGIed aftershocks split second shots of the 
				 I’m no longer sure of the shape that the city is in
				 Success held high in the eyes of witnesses at the right rally
				 A suit protects a foreigner who appears a certain way
				 Jump on special knowledge that leads you further into the 
				 Or you hadn’t ever considered being in a place like this 
			Each table, each chair is a place to conceal
		Too tired to resist being set on fire
	Suicide is always an option that’s only rarely revealed
SSRIs for soldiers who are ready to deal