States of density along a floating field
				 Cultivating off hours in the interim
				 Men move in fast to work those other countries 
				 Fall in from chopped air above a city			
 Crowned at long last the night’s republic
				 Stone of sand in molds that smolder 
				 Purity accrued in calculated materials
				 Contributions by corporations to elections’ 
 Advancing interests	
				 Two-part act and oath of brand loyalty
				 These obligations and relations between, before 
 And for a person	
				 Let’s step up onto that terrace and look out
				 Steady solid state of capture
 				 Contorted into concrete
				 Seeping veneer returns the real 
 Dealt from internal origin
				 Sleeping, all, they stayed in their places around the castle
				 See trees wrap around walls with hovering eyes
			Set fire to high for food to bubble for you
		Register that consumed with anger is a furnace for internal buying power
	We’ll be wed as well as all the others 
Cave in to comforter conditions, new springs