A plume of lost hours looks like pure black motion 
		A battery draining is annoying
		Some faulty valves had been falsely counted on 
A factory generates energy
		Finally sleeping soundly unaware of any real or imagined threat to safety
	I wished that my family might be accommodated and resources
Allotted accordingly
		Or else listed somewhere clandestine as an edict for others 
		Clean and well deserved living in solid structures
		Simplest command graphics in pictures of emergency procedures
		Depart easily from only partially sound built bases
		Behind a tagline that's lying while asserting
		At home, delays in advance are just peacetime advocacy
		A night watchman fits his feelings into a contract
		Semi-all-too-fantastic trans Atlantic antics 
		Gentle and absolute, limited luck 
		Direct and typical, dependent causes pored over a void
		It was only quite repeatedly that the printing of such steaming democracy 
represented less than the majority 
		Recent changes to the community more subtle than
		Reciprocal systems described as different
		A pattern of schooling centuries long result
	Shown a setting sun on screen will evoke an air of 
A polite and midrange missive flying under the rays of