“Heidi finally decided to move in with Spencer,” says the voice-over, now clearly the voice of Lauren, over a shot of the curly blond haired guy from the shot with the black BMW opening a white door. He is standing next to the blue shirt girl, who steps into the house or apartment, smiling. The sky is bright and sunny behind them and the inside of the house or apartment is cream colored and bright. Shot of blue shirt girl and curly haired guy outdoors. It is a close-up shot of their faces. It is now one hundred percent apparent that curly haired guy is Spencer and blue shirt girl is Heidi. The blonde back of Heidi’s head is to the camera. Spencer’s face fills most of the frame. Behind them are hills with trees, out of focus, and blue sky. Spencer has on a gold chain and a black shirt with blue and white tribal designs and the word “Darkness” written on it. He grins with white teeth at Heidi. “If I do this with you, though, you’re going to be serious, right?” says Heidi. The camera switches to Heidi, in a long-sleeved electric blue sweatshirt. “No more messing around, right? No more playmates?” Her brow is furrowed and she shakes her head back and forth. Spencer looks at her from the corner of the screen. Shot of Spencer.