“Nice chatting with you. How is the wedding?” says the jungle print woman to Kim, pointing at her own white teeth in a wide grin.
“It’s—” begins Kim, grinning, arms still crossed in her white-shouldered jacket. She looks petite yet voluptuous. White diamond earrings glitter against her full dark hair.
“All normal!” says the jungle print woman, raising one hand in the air. Her lips are bee-stung and glossy. 
“We hate each other. We hate each other,” says Kim, grinning. “Is that awful?”
“It’s all normal. No, it’s fine. No—when you walked in—,” the jungle print woman moves her left hand a lot, so her thick gold wedding band shimmers in the light. Her other hand clutches at the stuttering man’s skinny bicep. 
“Did you two hate each other?” interrupts Kim. 
“We didn’t speak really for the last two weeks before the wedding,” says the stuttering man. 
The jungle print woman looks at him quickly, then back at Kim. “Yeah,” she says. She clutches the stuttering man.
“It’s—you know—” says the man, shaking his head.
“Really?” says Kim, flatly.
“It’s totally normal,” says the jungle print woman, moving her wedding ring again.
“Because I hate him,” says Kim.
The jungle print woman laughs and says “Kim!” in a squeaky voice, putting her hand on Kim’s shoulder.
“Every last thing annoys me,” says Kim, smiling, lifting her hands like a statue in worship or surrender.