“… apart,” continues the voice-over, over a shot of sheer black tank top woman’s face close up. Sheer black tank top’s face is shiny and tan and she has shiny beige eye shadow and pursed lips. She cocks her head. Shot of voice-over girl and tank top girl on the same floral couch as the earlier shot with fingernail-nibbling woman. Tank top girl is wearing another tank top, this time electric blue with one black ribbon tied over one shoulder. The back of her tank top pops out slightly in one spot where her microphone pack is. She sits in the same position nibbling-fingernail girl sat previously. Voice-over girl sits the same position she sat in the previous scene, too. She has on blue jeans again, and a white and navy tank top with a Hawaiian print. There is a vase of pink and peach roses on the table in front of them, along with a probable bottle of medicine, a spray can with its top off, and a half-empty glass of clear liquid. “He’s a sucky person! He’s a sucky person!” yells voice-over girl. She holds a cell phone with a lit up screen in one hand and slams it down on the couch. Her face is red. Shot of blue shirt girl. “Lauren,” blue shirt girl says.