They are on a street with cars passing behind them. It is night. Voice-over woman has on a black velvet jacket, her blonde hair curled. “Spencer—he walked in with two blonde bimbos,” says voice-over woman to sheer black tank top woman. Sheer black tank top woman twists her fingers around, picks at them. She has on a dangling rhinestone bracelet. “What blonde bimbos?” asks sheer black tank top woman.  “I’m not—never seen them before,” says voice-over woman quickly, before sheer black tank top woman finishes talking. Voice-over woman shrugs her shoulders really quickly. The voice-over continues: “And eventually it tore us…” Sheer black tank top woman can be seen lifting both hands upwards in a circle type motion and squeezing them. She laughs uncomfortably, clenches her mouth, and then drops her hands abruptly.