The Not-Husband picks up a piece of sliced beef from his plate of food and wiggles it. His big thumb dips into a pile of sour cream and shredded cheese.
“On the morning of the wedding, shave it,” says the stuttering man. “Trust me.”
“She’ll shave it or I’ll shave it?” asks the Not-Husband, staring down at his beef, pulling at it.
	The stuttering man, the jungle print woman, and Kim all stare up at him, smiling.
“Both,” says the stuttering man. 
“Like, this is all I feel like I have left, is my mustache,” says the Not-Husband, tugging at his beef.
The jungle print woman laughs. 
“It’s the only way to send a message to Kim,” the Not-Husband says, wiggling the beef. It refuses to come off the plate. 
Kim, still smiling, turns from him. The stuttering man and jungle print woman back away, arms crossed. They look around the room.