Back inside the rehearsal dinner, a blonde woman in a jungle print blouse, arms crossed, says to the Not-Husband, “I like your suit.” 
	“Where we sitting at?” asks the Not-Husband to Kim. He looks down at his black suit. “Thank you,” he says to the woman, as if he had forgotten he was wearing a suit. “Hand-stitched,” he says, still looking down. “Do you like my mustache?” He loosely holds out a plate of food. 
The Not-Husband is taller than everyone else in the room, and his entire body is made of TV static.  
Kim stands next to him, biting her lower lip and staring forward.
“I-I-I-I,” stutters a skinny man, also wearing a black suit. He is with the jungle print woman. “I wouldn’t say that,” the man says. 
“Are you saving it for the wedding?” asks the jungle print woman, clutching at the arm of the stuttering man with French manicured nails. She laughs. 
“Please talk him out of it,” says Kim in a whiny voice. She looks extra tan in her white dress.durbin_5_wedding.html