Voice-over woman sits on the couch in blue jeans, leaning far back into the cushions, knees propped. Her hair is in a ponytail, her eyebrows dark and manicured. The blur of three pink tulips and one red tulip are visible in the bottom right corner of the screen. Fingernail-nibbling woman’s hair swings in the bottom left corner of the screen, disappears. “You did something really shady,” says voice-over woman. As she says this she slaps her hand, palm up, against her blue jeans. Shot of fingernail-nibbling woman, no longer nibbling, staring down. “And you did it behind my back,” continues voice-over woman’s voice, not in voice-over, in the scene itself. Shot of voice-over woman. She is extending her arm toward previously nibbling woman, lifting and lowering it repetitively and rapidly. Her other hand presses the extending sinews of her own throat. “It wasn’t all Brody, it was you!” she yells at previously fingernail-nibbling woman. Voice-over woman’s eyes widen hugely. Bass guitar thrums as the shot switches to a tanned woman with shoulder-length, platinum hair coming out of a glass door, a faint smile on her face. She walks as if in high heels, but her feet are not viewable. She has on a black ruched tube dress with a diamenté bust.