“Living in Los Angeles taught me some tough lessons last year,” the voice-over continues. Shot of the same young woman on a street, standing in front of a young man who is sitting. Only the top half of her body is in the frame. She has on gold dangly earrings, and a portion of her long, slightly wavy blonde hair hangs down the front of her shirt that is unbuttoned halfway. Several simple gold necklaces rest in her tanned cleavage. She reaches her hand up to her eyes, a gold bracelet sliding down her tanned arm, as black mascara trickles down her face. Her nose is red and runny and she looks away from the young man, toward the camera. Cars pass. “I broke up with the love of my life,” continues the voice-over. The young woman pushes her arms down as if pushing someone off of herself. She shakes her head. The young man stares up at her. Only the side of his face can be seen. He has brown facial hair and a black collared shirt. Shot of the young man head-on. He is extending his arms. Shot of the young man and young woman from the same angle they were featured previously. The man stands up and moves toward the woman. She shakes her head no as he puts his arms around her. Her eyes fill with tears and she mouths “okay,” as he hugs her. The background music gets louder. The woman looks off to the side again, away from the man, as she wraps her arms around him. The music fades slightly. “And my oldest and best friend totally betrayed me,” continues the voice-over, over a shot of a different young woman with long straight brown hair nibbling her fingernails on a gray-green, floral tufted couch.