We begin with the tinkling of fairy chimes. Our first vision is of the white 1950’s font of the Beverly Hills arch, cushioned lushly with palm fronds and foliage, propped against a sparkling orange sky.
	Behold the leaping scrawl of the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel sign. Marvel at the compact, European font of Scarpetta, the Italian restaurant where the rehearsal dinner is to be held.  
	The room is raucous. Family and friends of Kim and the Not-Husband embrace and beam at one another in designer clothing. Sisters stand in line to have their photo taken. All five wear tight mini-dresses and pumps. In the center is Kim, donning a tight white Alexander McQueen mini dress and a white short-sleeved jacket with constructed shoulders. 
Sisters have tan legs. Their hair is shiny and they smile.
	Brother stands off to the side in a sweatshirt, hair rumpled, spooning soup into his mouth. A short man in a suit stands next to him, chewing gum and moving his mouth as if he is talking. Brother ignores the man.  


Kim’s Fairytale Wedding