My body is plummeting 
through the sky 
                         like one of those 
weird dreams                 except 
                     this is really 
         happening             except 
I am watching this happen 
             from my body 
                         either I am dead or 
god                             or some new 
            combination of the two 
my face looks so 
frightened                 I don’t know 
                     what I’m heading 
towards                     only that I am 
               plummeting           except 
                        I have begun 
to flap my arms             like wings 
            oh god this is so 
            pitiful              I am 
                       embarrassed for my 
body                                     except 
my body is indeed 
        indeed                      I am going 
back             into the                   sky 
                                         my body is 
                 so dumb and 
beautiful                         I really hope 
I’m not already 
           dead day_6.html