interviewed by the tender, young, virile writer

DeWitt Brinson

DeWitt Brinson: If you could destroy yourself and become part of the underlying consciousness of everything, would you be able to let yourself go?

DB: How does anybody know anything?

DB: Where is the fire?

DB: Sit very still. Take a deep breath. Try to imagine a field of people screaming like sunflowers. What's one of your sincerest regrets?

DB: Tell a quirk you have; the quirkier the betterier!

DB: Who's a poet people should read or reread?

DB: What do you want for your poems? What's the best thing they can do?

DB: Do you believe in yourself and are you nice to yourself?

DB: The last time you were anxious 

DB: Take one of your poems and summarize what happens as if you're a tabloid reporting on Robert Downey Jr.



Jessica Comola’s first book, Everything We Met Changed Form and Followed the Rest, is forthcoming from Caketrain in the fall of 2015. She is the author of the chapbook, What Kind of Howly Divine (Horseless Press 2014). Her work has appeared in jubilat, Dreginald, Smoking Glue Gun, EOAGH, and Delirious Hem. She is a PhD student in creative writing at the University of Denver.