How one of those violets becomes you vaguely interests me though in the most interesting moments the how of things is rarely eventually important. I’d like placing over picking, to be for a bit then back. You please me much so vaguely. Not as much ‘vaguely’ as ‘very’: I will always be with you only only ever so much in any given time since the more we are longer in time together the less there can be of me here, here, as before you see now how I’ll have to be right back with you. 

My chest tends to hurt quite a bit when I breathe like a bone that is creased and increasingly in fine sheets cracks off leaving still what was very much of there there though not as much as seems safe or sane, sanitary. The thinner we get the more easily we can be put straight through, something can put itself through to us. This is why now as very much a violet I can take you whole in me down, into my mouth down through my body without this moment becoming anything other than what it is at its most basic which is that you are now here now moving through me now back into yourself and we, being the only members of this process, do swear to uphold the high standards set by ourselves and to be faithful and loyal forever.