DeWitt Brinson: Talk a little about Exceptionalism using only verbs.

Vincent Cellucci:

enure four exception museums

                                   to learn  

      the exciting life of              abjure

                                                    accrete     irrupt

            erasure vexates

at the invisible portrait gallery

                                                         one life: arise out of the effable first floor

DB: What is space's purpose on the page?


First lady:          space purpose on page Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia

Earhart         a luncheon honoring

   Explore:  the words’

behalf. whom would you invite?

DB: List some little-known swear words.

VC: Bomboclat, one of my favs –Jamaican   holla at Sheryll

*farletta: women’s genitalia in Sicily (I never confirmed spelling)

my first inclination is to answer this saying my form

of exceptionalism

DB: Who is god?


DB: Draw a picture representing the exceptionalist using only x's.


DB: What are your hopes for the future?

VC: Explore:


of loved ones or important people, who might have

worn words out. I also think writing a children’s book

                                                    after fuck poems

                                                         is exceptional so I’m magnetized to

                                                                                               that project now

DB: When I read your poems, I feel like swimming in cement, washing most of it off, except a thin gray layer so it hardens and cracks off while I'm buying groceries. Why do I feel that way?


        that’s how

you think these poems feel on your head? Would

buying keep you warm? Would cement keep noises out?  Do you think


small places Amelia Earhart flew would be as loud?

DB: Have you ever had sex while wearing a hat? Why or why not?

VC: Vincent Cellucci was the first person to wear sex while wearing a hat.

In 1935 Mexico issued a special overprinted stamp for this goodwill flight.

Why b/c Rome celebrated Vincent. Italian Premier

Benito Mussolini (what a guy!) autographed the envelope on the bottom for me in 1932.

DB: What's the worst line in these poems?

VC: An example might be, “I want your crevice ceviche”

                                                                                        Fuck Poems an exceptional anthology (lavender ink) nola baby

DB: Nine iron, fire, or hand fan?


horn in draa /

fine nor fine



interviewed by the tender, young, virile writer

DeWitt Brinson

Vincent Cellucci /who?/ wrote An Easy Place / To Die (CityLit: Baltimore 2011), a book of contemporary New Orleans verse containing the “Exceptionalist Manifesto” and “Womanifesto.”  This past year, he edited Fuck Poems an exceptional anthology (Lavender Ink).  In 2010, he contributed, edited, and produced a collaborative (including Andrei Codrescu) audio novel, The Katrina Decameron, which was released on iTunes. He has been teaching writing and technology in the College of Art + Design at Louisiana State University for the past four years.

photo credit Debbie Easley @ naked new orleans photography