stomach erupts its lazy mouth:

dollbaby suspended, largebaby an assemblage: her skin flakes off

one baby wrapped clear plastic: bodybagged b/c babies in plastic are perfect

like movie stars: each constellates or connects the dots each face a mirror

make a whole but they don’t believe

perfectly domed, all the eyes come out, all eyes on her

she tries on different specters exactly in echoless chambers

only a little head with the bluest cloudy eye

also a little arm, in need of constraint she’s a chatty chatty

teeth teething in the flesh hour dead doll head

fingers near closed arc of plastic flesh monster gratuitous

all angels a woman is always and if the other is not dolled

I hallucinate the other: mask delirium

Zürn baby: is tied up lately like a Bellmer most perfect or else not a Bellmer most perfect, a later who was nothing but anagrams and numbers so a 6 to 9 in a garden of jasmines. says: “She wants to look beautiful after she is dead. She wants people

to admire her: Never has there been a more beautiful dead child.”

bright gold, a dusty possum, cut open to house she is full of secrets

I can’t keep my eyes upon them

dollared bitten horror I wrote all ways out

demon box

sloppy get backs

masked my testify

harbor my city

ground together baby boned

raised bed for crybabies

like a nap

Nelly, do you ever dream queer dreams?

nor more trembler the world I am only I only you