DeWitt Brinson: What do dolls represent to children and to adults who give them to kids?

Megan Burns: Every night half of the girls crawled into the beds of their best friends: for us, all the world happened at night.

DB: What's the worst line you've written recently?

MB: Stealing was part of the city. Every city is born, continually being born, out of configurations of minds and desires: every city is alive. This city was patriarchal, that which allows the existence of none but itself, for it had arisen.

DB: Who's an amazing poet no one talks about anymore?

MB: I don’t have a father.

DB: What's worse than nothing?

MB: My real father is the taker-away of dreams. I was brought up in a lonely primitive place. Until I left that portion of the world, I didn’t have any friends. Except for a dog so old he looked dead, and dead people.

DB: How do you write poems? How often do you cry while writing poems?

MB: The fortune teller had told me I would be free after I journeyed to the land of the dead.

DB: What's the worst thing about being asked questions?

MB: They blabbed for an unknown amount of time about the nature of poetry and then Pussy asked when her abortion was going to begin.

DB: Name five beautiful words

MB: the bruises were turning black

DB: Have you ever wanted someone else to die?

MB: It’s normal for girls to become too close to each other until it’s time for them to go out with boys. Though I’m a poet, I’m not unaware of the ways of the world.

DB:When I read your poetry, I have an undefined sense of longing and a clear desire to have been born the kind of person who becomes an astronaut. Why do I feel that way?

MB: We thought of all the dead rats. How humans feared them ‘cause humans, above all, fear intelligence. How humans scared out of their minds, gather whatever intelligence they can put their hands on and put it all in a central penitentiary named facts, whereas rats eat everything whether or not they’re hungry. Rats: pleasure rules their world.

DB: When someone you don't know kisses you out of nowhere, what is that feeling?

MB: I was thirsty, so I took off my clothes.

bonus question) Where'd you get all the dolls for the video?

Hint: Pussy, King of the Pirates



interviewed by the tender, young, virile writer

DeWitt Brinson

Megan Burns is the publisher at Trembling Pillow Press ( and edits the poetry magazine, Solid Quarter ( She has been most recently published in Jacket Magazine, Callaloo, New Laurel Review, Trickhouse, and the Big Bridge New Orleans Anthology. Her poetry and prose reviews have been published in Tarpaulin Sky, Gently Read Lit, Big Bridge, and Rain Taxi. Her book Memorial + Sight Lines was published in 2008 by Lavender Ink. She has two recent chapbooks: irrational knowledge (Fell Swoop press, 2012) and a city/ bottle boned  (Dancing Girl Press, 2012). Her next book Sound & Basin is forthcoming from Lavender Ink. She lives in New Orleans where she and her husband, poet Dave Brinks, run the weekly 17 Poets! Literary and Performance Series. (