from the poetics of Nicki Minaj

“One might even say that the masculine ideal and the feminine ideal are represented in the psyche by something other than this activity/ passivity opposition. Strictly speaking, they spring from a term that I have not introduced but which one female psychoanalyst has pinpointed as the feminine sexual attitude—the term masquerade.” 

 -Lacan, “From Love to Libido”

broken up like colored glass
let’s make a sob story
let’s Barbie the front line
& tag along, make
crocodile tears precious rainbows
make outlines in split seams 
or skirted ones stand in the background
brutal though, brutal though
crucified  or watching, and the womb or culled
in the traphouse
paper dolled & what to play with 
make no mistake, mass under mask
under masc-u-line
you make a new—
by breaking
you make anew—
blazin’ and torn remnants
aren’t golden or heroines of sewn lips
if you can’t hear me—
it’s happenin’