Give Birth to Me Again That I May Know

Greetings to you as you tilt the morning frost, greetings to squid,
    greetings to whale.  Travelers of the deep stupid!
Isn’t it time for me to give you some parents, to return toys to you?
Is your hair still stronger than a yard’s tears, longer than the rain clouds
    stretching the sky to you so they can parachute soldiers?
Give birth to me again so I can drink your titty milk and
    remain a little wet boy in you arms, remain a little boy
4-eveh!  I have seen many things, mother, I have seen Starfleets!  Give birth to 
    me again so you can suffocate me again + again in your hands!
When you feel love for me, do you still cringe and cry about jail?
     Mother is crazy! I have lost my big boy pants
Into the waisty woman of a mirage.  I embrace sand, I embrace
     chocolate shakes.  Can I come back to you and get some money?
Your mother had a mother like the fig tree in the garden has sweet balls.
    Don’t leave me alone, fuckhead.  I want your hands
To carry my Art.  I long for the tender bread of your voice, mophead!
    I long for evening and your lap.  I song for myself…I song in you.