interviewed by Mel Coyle and Jenn Marie Nunes

Mel & Jenn: If these poems were a screenplay, write the opening scene.

DeWitt Brinson: Fade In

                          Everyone is escorted out of the theater.

                          Fade out

Mel & Jenn: Are you famous? Why or why not?

DB: People commit terrible acts of violence with the intent to become famous, even if they themselves die in the act. There is an undeniable allure to being known by millions of people. Most of the time, that urge is actually just a way to impress your Mom.

Mel & Jenn: We were just watching a movie about ancient Rome where someone slipped a snake into someone’s bed to assassinate them. Whose bed would you slip one of your poems into and what would happen?

DB: Really sex is just a conversation. I’m pretty sure the first sex I had was really just getting into a lot of fights in and out of school. I found it calming and made deeper connections with other boys that way.

Mel & Jenn: The language you use in these poems feels slippery to me – grammatically (she see them in they black eye) and syntactically (he her happy go home). Say more about this.

DB: The language is a portmanteau of dirt country and high poetics. To my ear, it sounds like where I’ve come from and where I hope to go, which is two ways to say home.

Mel & Jenn: Are things made up of lakes or rivers?

DB: Things are just made up.

Mel & Jenn:


DB: My earliest memory, from when I was too young to walk, is of crawling around under the sunshine streaming trough a glass door, finding a coin, thinking “nickel,” and eating it. I don’t think I knew how to speak.

Mel & Jenn: Shed something and then write a poem. 

DB: Hello Mister Smiley Face I like your pecs

Thank you, Honey. I love the bench press.

Teach me how to love you.

Dear sweet child, I can’t teach you to love

now give me a hug and call me a prostitute

Mel & Jenn: For people who want to get in better touch with their snakes, what additional resources do you recommend they consult?

DB: Here is a helpful meditation:

1) Punch yourself in the face--a bunch of times!--as hard as you can.

2) When you’re bleeding sit cross-legged upon the bare floor.

3) Quietly, repeatedly question, “Why am I hitting myself?”

4) Scream at inanimate objects--just in case you figure something out that way too!

Mel & Jenn: Look around you. What is the biggest thing you see?

DB: penis

Mel & Jenn What is straight?

DB: And even straight is made up. There is no evidence that the word straight applies to anything. Even if we lived in a one-dimensional universe, there would be no discernable proof that the universe curved in a way imperceptible to us. And we’ve got a whole bunch more dimensions than that. imagine.

Also it’s when a dude puts his woohoo in a lady’s lala, but as for that, there’s still no definitive proof. It’s fun to think about, sometimes.



DeWitt Brinson is a legal alien.