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Snake Lady

I’ll hide away she say
I heard your snakes I see
you snakes went through
the version of the sun
the virgin places
they’ve no often son
they buried him dirt
snake oil run cool down my face
she rubs it in for the shine
I say I say
Slapping a shut-up in her mouth
She grab at my snake
She writhe
She rides
Took off my shoe for song
blister my feet who is she who
I that she wore me now?
Smell of songs out of that shoe
How many mile that snake dance?
That that man couldn’t be the superhero
He had no chance for two
You would scale the wall for sugar
It took to hiss like hot oil
mad angry now
She hide away my brain scrambled grit
She hide my groans she rides
Ink shed marred any crown blood
them salves are too evil bright
The tall one had the bright eyes
where’ve she wasn’t
salve tonight
My snake taste middle salt
life tries to save life tries to take it
tongue tasting air and oil crack
taste air and they rived on the floor
how they ride
slipping into the crack
they chased down like
that liquor got on me
took my nipples out of the bag
crusted and frustrated
where the cats
bit down too hard I cry’d
tears hate you
sabotage my self
startled swinging bag
Saint Mary of the malt
with two straws in the bag
she come out
waving her snake what a choice
I gave her my snake for her snake
snake oil writhes and rived for her eyes
in the river we mistook for a door