Foothill Spring

Gene Tierney’s
face sums it up Some of the best songs 
are a joke

Pop music is for doing drag to 
Still some people don’t like it 

Today’s grocery store

haul: a magazine   

Daffodils everywhere 
Bearded Irises oozing upwards tiny pansies “Kitty Kat”

playing loud inside of me 
a perfect groove I am

In fact 
feeling it

violet and peonies  Forsythia tiny tearable white
periwinkle throttling everything

It turns out

‘40s men’s slacks 
are the answer yet don’t
belong to me 

I live in a little

where it rains
outside I burn 

candles inside
to bring on the night 

Nature takes on

a ferris wheel Both win
made more enigmatic by each other

Clara Bow played a shopgirl I am one
There is no romance in jogging
up and down stairs  for women with faces 

you can’t remember Women 

flirt with eachother
all day in the way
they do 

It’s not sexual Rather convivial 

A celebrated family 

in service